The birds dance in the thorn tree

As always

At sunrise


The song has changed

Cheerful and gay

Winter beckoning

Disco lights

in the dew drops

hanging from the near naked trees

stretching vulnerable knitted fingers

towards the pale blue sky

the tune carried over the dried grass

is filled with goodbyes

Poems by @robs1970chevy

15 February 2020.

a half moon
four months removed
from the month of june
alone in a crowd
her silent tears
he heard aloud
she was hurt
to the point of broken
nobody’s fool
never a man’s token
he knew her well
tho she never will admit
or to him she’ll tell
patient for her
he waits with a sigh
for milady who stole his heart
but cannot stop her cry

13 April 2020

He knew
From the start
He held the key
To her heart
She was scared
She saw fear
But with him
Certainty was clear
He came to her side
Comforted her to realize
In him, she could confide
She took him up
On his bet
She could trust in him
To release, and to vet
He reached out his palm
And begged her to entice
His trust, in his palm
With him, she felt
Any fear of uncertainty
At her feet, he knelt
Life is short
He told her in vain
Trust in me
I will absorb your pain

22 April 2020

She lay alone
In her bed
Lonely but lustful thots
All for him
She gets lost
In her song
Wishing in reality
She sang to him
The deepest
Darkest night
She saw clearly
Because he shone her light
There were doubts
In their past
The love they sought
Would ever last
She held on
To his ev’ry text
Never knowing when another
Would arrive next
He made her a pact
Their unbridled love
Would permanently remain intact
Through the phone
He kissed her trembling head
Sending her off peacefully
Into her cold and lonesome bed

23 April 2020 a collabaration

Him: Stormy night, Springtime in the Ozarks.

Her: It was a dark and stormy night…

Him: She trembled in his arms
He held her reassuringly and tight

Her: Lucky she is to be in your arms.

Him: Seeking shelter, from the storm
Solace came simply from his

Her: Hearing your heart
feeling your breath
on her cheek
she knows
she has found
at last.

27 April 2020

Her heart
In his hands
Albeit from
Distant lands
He sat at night
Watching their star
She did the same
Sadly from afar
He wished to tell her
How much his heart
Ached for her love
That tore them apart
Years went by
Ever so slow
His spirit was broken
Only he did know
She never knew
How bad he felt
Tho each night he sobbed
He couldn’t hold back
How his blackened heart throbbed
“One day”, he prayed
A sultry, summer’s night
Their bodies swayed
She whispered in his ear
“Forever, my Love,
In your arms, I belong,
Our union as one,
Blessed from Heaven above”

Recipe exchange Covid-19

Oven baked mussels
1. 800 grams half shelved mussels
2. Put in oven baking tray shells facing down
3. Quarter tee spoon of butter in each
4. Quarter tee spoon of crushed garlic in each
5. About quarter tee spoon in each
6. Exactly 3 drops of Tabasco in each
7. Salt and pepper to taste
8. Cover with grated cheese of choice
9. Bake in 180 degree degrees celcius pre heated oven for about 15 min
10. Let’s rest and enjoy

By Amanda

Cheesas (per persoon)

1 sny brood gesmeer

100 g kaas

Kwart ui (baie fyn gesnipper)

50 ml mayonnaise

Meng die kaas, mayonnaise en ui

Skep dit in die middel van die brood en druk dit effens plat met die lepel (dit sprei uit as die kaas smelt)

Plaas dit op ’n oond rakkie en bak dit in die oond tot die kaas eweredig gesmelt het.

Saam met die mayonnaise mengsel kan jy jou verbeelding gebruik. Vroutjie-doutjie en ek het al die volgende bygevoeg:

Gebraaide sampioene, gebraaide spek (bacon), tuna, gesnyde ham, groen rissie, gaar gesnipperde hoender en gesnipperde pepper dews.

By Jan

By Hubert

Garlic chicken on bbq:

1 x red and green chilli, 3x garlic cloves, 3x whole spring onions, 6xsoy sauce, 6x olive oil. chop up all small, mix all ingredients and marinade 6 skinned and boned chicken thighs for at least 3hrs. Enjoy 😉if u want u can cook off any left over marinade to make a relish for on top of chicken.

By Wendy

Creamy bacon and chicken


4 x chicken fillets cubed

Packet of bacon cubed

Onion chopped

Garlic to taste

Chilli to taste

Optional: green peppers

500ml chicken stock (2 cubes diluted in boiling water)

Salt and pepper to taste

500ml thick cream


Fry chicken until turning white

Add bacon, when bacon is crispy everything else up to the green pepers, keep stirring until keep everything nice and crispy. Add chicken stock. Stir make sure all pieces sticking to the bottom is scrapped loose.. add more water if needed. Add salt and pepper. Let it shimmer for about 20min. Turn off let it cool. Slowly pour in cream stirring continuously. Put back on heat for 10 min

Eat with wild rice or noodles

By me

Bacon pasta


Spray n cook

Table spoon of Oil or butter

1 packet of bacon cubed

Onion chopped



Optional: green peppers and or mushrooms

1 tin of chopped peeled tomatoes

Salt and pepper


Spray n cook pan

Add oil or butter

When warm fry bacon till almost crisp add all ingredients up to mushrooms. Fry it until onion goes see through

Add tin of tomatoes

Heat through

Add salt and pepper to taste

Eat with pasta

By me

From my sister

The best little dinner rolls.

1 cup self raising flour

1 teaspoon salt

125ml milk

2 Tablespoons Mayonnaise

Combine and scoop into muffin pan. Bake at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes.



She stares at the foto

At first glance

She looks beautiful

But her critical eye

Saw the sofness round the mouth

The softness that goes with age

and she thought

“I had such plans for my 50th circle round the sun“

the curse

dark falls
the red desert
for the night
sage and rosemarie
burns fragrantly
into the breathless sky
bare feet she dances
her breasts glistening
in the waxing light
she offers the rubies
to sky
as a lone wolf howls
“you’ll never sleep again
my lord.”