‘n vraag?

Hoe skryf jy,
oor jare se stil bly?
Hoe vertel jy,
die storie sonder, om soos ‘n drama-lama, te lyk?
Hoe word jy
weer mens
jy roei
die droomboot
Mev. Swanepoel
in standard 2
gesê het:
“Word Wakker”



Last night I dreamt

I phoned my mom

and the phone just rang

Eventually the phone was answered

a day later

“Rivendale clinic”

I can’t remember much of the conversation

Just that they’ve been in an accident

and out of theatre


I bought champagne

and cooked them dinner


Last night I dreamt

About a two brothers

and a contract going bad

gathering my bearings

while treading water

my friend gets paid

50c per sentence she’s writing

and the lamb curry is bubbling away


I was chasing a dream lover

When she appeared

With lips

Ferrari red


How turbo was invented

She went to the club

With her dad

but left early

cause too old for the shit

and he came up to me

squeezing my hand

and disappeared


last night

I dreamt

a dream of long ago

I killed a man

by accident really

I drove over him

with my rental car

and discarded the body

I was so anxious of being

found out,

but in time

I forgot about that dream

last night

it came back

and haunted me

Oh, the guilt

waking up

wondering for a moment

did it really happened?