Last night

I felt beautiful

in your blue eyes

I was adored

You loved

the excess

of my curves



I can’t


last night

I was beautiful


I’m a mess

of guilt,


what was real

and what was

too much wine


Gina Lollobrigida

She slides across the floor

her skin ghostlike white

reflecting light like porcelain

She smells of smoke and Coco Chanel

trapped in today

belonging to yesteryear

her lips tasted a thousand kisses

her eyes know all my wishes

my heart flutters

she lights a smoke


with such sensual pleasure

releasing at leisure

in a wink she’s gone

and I’m just standing here

an invited looker on

A fly on the wall

I love being the fly on the wall

Watching her give it all

and everytime she time falls

Maybe one day the dice

will turn trice

in her favor…

But again today

She cooked the chops

to crispy fat perfection

the meat medium to bleeding rare

The mash soft with spring onion and rosemary butter infused

Crispy toasted veg

a medley of carrot, corn, pea and beets in chili oil

Topped with red wine, mushroom and onion jus

Chocolate mouse homemade cake

was a killer to bake

Wine selected for each dish

not forgetting

breakfast champagne

and orange juice

Dusk came

Dusk went

night fell dark


apart from the sea


as it must,

The stray Tabby

made a show

and ran off

like it knows


she turns off the lights

reluctantly slow

She takes off her

silken satin slip dress

watching in the mirror

the bread dough

and excessive curves


the lacy green


hugging a once

perfect body

she slips on a pink

lacy night dress


Just a fly on the wall

I’ve seen it all.

From: Kaapseboertjie

Sitting in the boardroom.. waiting patiently for the rest to arrive. Wonder why they called a meeting so late

Then he walks in, and sits himself down opposite you. Both silent, a aura hanging in the room between the two of you

Silence in the room as you both wait. Occasionally glancing at each other, making little gestures of impatience

but soon the boredom starts to take its toll.. little things.. pulling of faces… making the other giggle. There has been so much teasing between the two, yet its always been online.. never face to face

Soon the light teasing starts to change. Perhaps its the dark glint in his eyes, or the tension that hovers between them.

a tiny wink, lifting of eyebrows.. the teasing has started. Flash of skin, innocent at first

yet.. they have always joked, how they would do it.. what they would do and now.. sitting alone in the quiet boardroom.. the opportunity arise

He suddenly stands and walks across to her. The tension builds.. the joking teasing seemed so innocent and safe. Now its changed. Sitting down on the table in front of her, one leg hanging casually down,

he looks calm.. collected.. yet inside his own nerves are jumping and twitching

he reaches out, lightly touching her cheek. The skin flushing red underneath his touch. She feels her skin burn where his finger grazed. And comfortingly so.. she liked the feeling

he swallows hard.. as his hand trails down. Fingers parting her shirt, the top button offering no resistance as he exposes part of her breasts. Her cleavage beckoning

Fingertips tracing the outline between fabric and skin. And he watches her breasts rise and fall as she slowly breathes in and out.

Unhooking another button, he slides one side of her shirt over a breast. Leaving it covered only by her bra. She knows her excitement must show,

and he confirms her suspicion as his finger touches her hardening nipple through the padding of her br

As his hands slides deeper, cupping her breast, he slides off the table and suddenly their lips meet. A moment paused.. both eyes open, staring at each other.. but briefly.. as both succumb to each other.

Mouths opening, tongues roam, explore, taste

The position awkward as he is stooped down and her sitting. Breaking the kiss.. he lifts her from her chair.

Taking her head in his hand, their kiss resumes. Their bodies pressed together, differently this time to the way they hugged. More aware of the body now against them

Towering in front of her, he leans back slightly and begins to slowly loosen the last buttons of her shirt. Almost purposely slow, they pop open one by one, exposing more of her as he goes down.

As the last one opens, he groans softly as his hand slide around her side, feeling his touch on her skin, her lips instinctively reaches up for his again

With his hands now wrapped around her back, fingertips fiddle and unclasp her bra.

Moving his hands back, and up to her shoulders.. the shirt starts to drift down her arm, falling loosely on the ground.

Next, slipping each strap of the bra down her shoulder until the front starts sliding lower.

Her breasts finally exposed to him, nipples slipping free from the cover it was in

His hand reaches for her again, tracing down her neck, over her breast before the finger lightly graze over a nipple.

His lips follow the path of his hand, lightly kissing her neck, over her breast before closing around the nipple. Kissing it and letting his tongue twirl around it

Holding her breast, he continues to kiss around, paying attention to both, as her nipples react to his touch. Hardening against his lips and tongue

Sitting lower, his kisses trail down her stomach while his hands glide down her back, over her bum

Looking up at her, he starts to loosen her pants… placing a kiss on her skin as he slowly lowers it down.

She shivers as his hands suddenly run up her bare legs. His face nestled between her legs, he breaths deep as his nose is pressed against her mound.

She can hear him groan, as she knows her arousal should be obvious as he breaths in her scent

Feeling the lightness of his kiss through the fabric of her underwear, before he takes the straps and slides the garment down her legs until it falls over her feet

Rising himself up against her, his body scraping over her nakedness. Mouths meeting in a wild kiss, deeply.. hungrily

Picking her up in his arms, he turns and places her down on the table. Her legs instictively wraps around his waist, pulling him in against her. Feeling his arousal through his pants

Shivering as she grinds against him, the courseness of his pants against her soft lips. Watching as he moves his hips, a slight wet stain where she left her mark

Pushing her down on her back, his hand lightly around her throat, then runs down to take her breast in his grip

She feels a fumble between them, then hears the sound of his zip sliding down, followed by a warmth, throbbing against her

Her hips tilt slightly in invitation, and her head tilts back as he starts to invade her slowly.

She steadies herself with her hands above her head, holding the table as he sinks all the way in. Sliding back out, trembling of hips and back inside

His arms glide beneath her legs, hooking under her knees as his hips begin a steady thrust

The feeling of them combined so intense. Every inch of him inside, so vividly etched, so direct. Like every sinew is connected as they move as one

She feels his tembles in his arms as he holds her. Their sound echoing in the empty room.

His one arm drops and reaches between them, but her leg grips around him quickly. No.. stay.. she whispers

But I.. he begins to say. But is quickly hushed as he reaches up, grabbing his shirt and pulls him towards her so she can kiss his lips

Wrapping her arm around his neck, she feels his whimpers against her lips. Rocking her hips, pushing against him.

She reaches lower, her nails digging into his ass as she urges him on

His hips starting to make shivering thrusts, trembling against her

Then she feels it.. a sudden pulsing, twitching sensation inside her. And a flood of warmth as he starts to erupt. Holding his head in her grip against her chest, her one head tilted back

A gutteral groan deep from her throat as he is held deep inside her. His seed filling her. Feeling the last spasms through his shaft, as she is locked tightly around him

As if her body wants him to remain inside. The act where he claimed her as his own.

He rises up, her legs still wrapped around him. Her breasts heaving up and down with her heavy breathing

Looking down, he see her lips wrapped tightly around his glistening shaft. Seeing faint pulses,feeling her warmth, the softness around him

Streching herself out over the table, purring to herself, smiling as she knows she will go back to her desk and still feel his warmth between her legs

His hands run over her legs. Feeling how it reacts under his touch

As she stretches, he slips free from her. His one had runs down her legs, rubbing across the swollen lips. Sticky and moist under his touch

She watches him, as he licks his lips. His thumb still rubbing across her. She moans softly at his touch, wanting more, but happy with what just happened.

“wow” she hears him whisper.. almost transfixed at the sight. Then a groan.. or was it a growl as she sees him move

Kneeling down, she begins to giggle and close her legs but suddenly her breath catches in her throat as she feels his mouth close over her lips

As she feels his tongue enter her, a shivering warmth spreads through her body. Biting her lip, nails scratch at the table, then move to her breasts. Pinching her own nipples

A new sensation flows through her. Her body, relishing the feeling of his lips, his tongue. Her mind reminding her where his mouth is, what they just did

In a fleeting turmoil of thoughts, was it once on her clit.. more? She has no idea, but the explotion that followed made her blood rush

He was drinking from her as her orgasm rocked herself against him. And emotion without words filled her being

She hissed at him as she pulled his head away. Her tongue snaking into his mouth. Tasting them both on his lips

Reaching for him, then pushing him back roughly. She slips off the table and hungrily takes him into her mouth

He didnt need his hand on the back of her neck, as she tries to take him all inside. Choking herself slightly, almost willing him on as she starts to feel him swell once more

Wanting to taste him, but her body requires something more. And her mind knows.. there will be time for that later

She stands, leans herself back over the table, facing away. Spreading herself open with her hands. Offering to him

His hands on her hips as once again, she shivers as the pleasure of him starts to enter her once more

Hoping for his less gentle side, smiling as his hand grabs her hair, pulling her head back

Palms on the table.. she waits.. and groans.. as his lust for her takes control

He started to fuck her.

And as she snarls at him, his hand left its mark on her bare ass.

She can feel their first coupling leaking out with his trusts. Dripping down her leg onto the carpet

In and out.. in deep hard thrusts. His thumb playing with her ass as he keeps thrusting himself in

They kept going.. until he roared once more. Filling her deep inside with his passion

There was no going back to her desk now. She wants him again. She wants him in her mouth. Her ass.

Just in her

This is going to be a long day ahead