blood on her hands – `It was done

Her head feels cloudy, her eyes are still scratchy. She rubs her empty stomach, to try to stop the hunger pains, but something sticky……

The bright rays hurts her still red and scratcy eyes. Shen knows that the only way for her is forward. No turning back now that it is done.

Slowly she takes notice of her surroundings, everything looks so bright – where has she been? Feels like she just woken up from a long sleep

She woke up on a bench in the subway. Cold and hungry. Her face sticky with tear stains. Suddenly she remembers: It was done….

Realizing that she needs to move on, she picked herself up and start walking towards the daylight, Warm, yellow sunlight. Ahh it was done…

As she walks, she finds her steps getting lighter and lighter. She rolls her head. Flexing her shoulder muscles….. it is done.

Counting the steps… Each step closer the sun is a step away from the past. It isxrqaly done?

Counting the steps… Each step closer to the sun is a step away from the past. Is it really done?

And there she was, all hungry and alone. Tears streaming down her face. It was done!

the fear has gone, the pain has gone. Nothing left but tremendous relief! It was done!

It was done! She never thought beyond this moment. It was done.

It was done. What now? Blinded by tears she heads for the subway… It was done….

What to do? What to do? Pray? Believe? Trust? What to do? What to do?

The sticky red substance is worrying. What have I done? Who am I? Where am I going? what am I doing here?

Dream-like images come to mind. Is it real? Who am I? What have I done? Why are my clothes covered in sticky, sickly smelling red stuff?

Sticky substance… Red in colour… What have I done!

Memory non existing, everything since waking up in the train station not existing. Who am I ? What have I done?
Once again, she is alone, with blood on her shirt, what has she done
It is strange how a memory of a long ago maybe, suddenly is so important. She has to remember – What did she do? and why?