Jan 2012 

 Highveld thunderstorms. 

A lightning bolt, like fireworks, followed by a noise that will wake up the dead. 

Scary and beautiful… 



18 Dec 2014

Trough the dying leaves

Tumbling to the ground

yellow, brown and orange

I have found

Shimmer of hope

To help me cope

14 Feb 2014

A long time ago

Hope existed

As time went by

No savior came

Hope died In the hearts of men

Little did they know


A gem

To restore Hope 

faith and love

What a struggle lay ahead? 

Reality Check

It started as a bit of fun. Just innocent bantering over the net. A joke, an innuendo, a poem, a fantasy

Months of words shared from Picasso to making Tacos

We wrote silly poems and sometimes even read books

We went from a church fair to a farmers market in South Cali to the ruins of Athens

A wedding in Wales, a stroll on the beach in Blackpool. A shell, a poem, a memory of a love that can never be.

A gallery in New Castle to Rocker’s pebbly beach

Singing silly songs, to keep you awake while driving to visit your mother. You told me about your brother

Seeing whales in a whirlwind stay in Gordonsbay,

You shared your trip to the gallery with me. Art to make you gape in wonder. Others that brought a tear to the eye.

The stories of your hikes through the mountains, about your youth in Australia and memories you shared with me, will be treasured

We danced on many beaches, a jazzy night club or three and we’ve learned to square dance too. We dressed up and danced to ABBA and I was your Dancing Queen.

We drank beer, shared wine and champagne, but the best was the tea, served with honey tasted from your lips

Sometimes we read the Sunday papers, sometimes we cooked and cleaned the house. Smiling at the memory of washing the floor on hands and knees.

We bragged about learning to speak French, Spanish, German and Italian

We drove a blue Mustang, and kissed in the rain.

We played silly buggers in long month end queues, and even made love behind the shopping mall. 

We send the kids to school and celebrated our daughters internships.

Our animal friends, shared the adventure. A bird and a cat, what you think about that?

Sometimes we neglected work, just to share a moment, and if that boardroom table can talk…

Inconceivable, yet we pretended

Sometimes we had a tiff, based on irrational spiff 

Now you, fill my every thought.

Awake and dreaming

My reality screaming

You have invaded my life

I am somebody else’s wife


Once in a while planets collide
Slowly as time goes by
They become one
Living, breathing, loving
Nurturing a population
Then one day the universe
Upset and angry
Starts to push and pull
The planets resist
But to no avail
Small things
Get in the way
The planets realized
They are no longer oneimage
They were never one
They were two
Always a me and a you
Slowly they let go
No more forevers
In I love you so
Gliding back into orbit
Apart but together
Where they belong.