Angelo Wrote:

Jan 30 The fire is roaring as you settle in front of it. I come over with wine to find you lying on the blanket with nothing but a smile. You see by my bulge that I am pleased to see you and before I sit, you kneel. You grab my cock through my pants and begin to mouth it. Tracing my cock through my pants with your lips as it grows. You moan in pleasure as you take my pants down and lick the tip. My knees buckle as you take me into your mouth. I grab your hair to steady myself. Pulling. I pull your hair and go deep into your mouth. You reached up and squeeze my balls as you move up and down on me. I moan in pleasure as you squeeze my balls hard. You nibble on my cock before taking it again. I pull you up by your hair so I can kiss you and taste my cock on your lips. As I taste I slide a finger over your clit. Then inside you. I then turn you and bend you over. The tip of my cock teases your pussy. You can feel it pulse. I pull it away and drop to my knees as my tongue funds your ass. I use the tip to lick your ass. Then the tip slips in your ass. My fingers in your pussy and my tongue in your ass. Your legs quiver but I grab you and steady you. My tongue moving in and out. My fingers deep. Moving inside you. I smack your ass hard and stand grabbing your hips hard. Then, I am in you. Filling you deep. You grind back into my cock as I move forward thrusting. My hands digging in your hips hard. I smack your ass hard. Take my cock. All of it. Fucking you harder. Deeper. You moan. I fuck you harder. I then pick you up and put you on your back. I raise your legs straight up and grab my cock. I grab my cock and stroke it using the tip to rub your clit. You see my hand on my cock and feel it on your clit. I’m holding your legs up as I tease you then plunge my cock into your pussy. Deep and hard I leave my cock inside you and rotate my hips. You feel me deep. I grind you as you arch your back taking me fully inside you. I fuck you deep and hard. You body begins to shake as you scream in pleasure. You explode on my cock squeezing and pulling with your pussy. Your body quakes. Your nails dig into me as you come all over my cock. I keep grinding then I pull out and stand so you can strike and suck my cum out of me. You stroke me and I release into your mouth onto your face and tits. You then take me in your mouth to taste out juices and stand to kiss me so I can taste. The fire crackles in approval. You smack my ass and rub my come all over me and yourself. Satisfied we sip our wine. Taste