Silent violence

Who are we,

to deny our souls meeting?

Our mental and physical addiction

not without friction

in a moment fleeting


Once upon a time

Greedily drinking

Your words, like wine

But silence

Has its own kind of violence

My heart is sinking

My soul is bleeding

Tears soaked

In the bitter aftermath

Of the lies you spoke



Planning, my wrath


Well oiled sext


The bonnet of the car 

 Under a sky filled with stars

Shall we rev the engine

Shall I mention

Leather and lace

Sitting on your face?

Leathers and laces 

Inhaling rich traces

Of your aroma mixing with both. You make a man glad he’s a man.

My hands holding you as you lean over the engine.

I love a well oiled machine

You push back into me 

Leather and lace

Your ass against my rump

As you fiddle with the oil pump

I love pressing the throttle of this love machine… Him:

You drop your wrench

Leaning further

Pushing more into me

I unzip the back

Hands seeking, searching

While you reach for the spanner

My pants holding back a raging boner

Slipping a gear

Opening the window

To cool down the gear stick

Foundling the bearings

Grinding to explode

Wriggling as you stretch

An unfair advantage

Good looks and sexy sensuous ass. I’m helpless against all that feminine horsepower.Wriggling as you stretch

An unfair advantage

Good looks and sexy sensuous ass. I’m helpless against all that feminine horsepower.

My bearings roll for you baby.

A smile lightens your face as you feel my piston compress your ass.

Let’s cut the chase



Tuning the race

I can feel your turbocharger revving up

My supercharger kicking in






He said : From the moon and Back

15 June 2014
This will be just a quick note but I will write a more lengthy one tomorrow, My afternoon got crazy. I do dream and day dream about you often:) I enjoy the flirtatious banter. About the witch, I do see some of her darkness and will ask the questions soon. I am no stranger to the darkness or pain and it seems that I can express it easily especially when I am in a mood.
Also part of the darkness in the way I see, it is sharing things with a lady such as yourself who appreciates and reciprocates friendly banter. I never intend to offend, but rather to share….
that being said…
my trembling hands,touch your aching flesh,
waking the senses, reaching in the emptiness…
silky curves, moonlit desires
fingertips strike the lovers fire…

18 June 2014

We all have our dark sides and stories. I am drawn to them lie a moth to the flame. I am curious snow about your story, “blood on my hands” if you don’t mind please elaborate on that for me. 
About the witch… I see pain and darkness in her writings. it seems to me to be a lingering pain. Is it from a past relationship? Or perhaps from the one your in now? We are all human and have some past experiences that haunt us. I am no stranger to the rain as I sense you are not either. 
Have you had your heart broken on twitter? Feelings are real, it doesn’t matter where they originate from?
It is not my intention just to be nosey, I really want to know more about you.
Some have said I can get too curious at times and ask too many questions… 
There was a girl I dated when I was 20, she left me without reason, that has been 33 years ago. I was so in love with her.  She was so perfect to me, I thought we fit together in every way. She was a curvy girl:)
I knew in my heart she was the one. But it turned out to be she was the one that got away. She has haunted me ever since. The pain I have from her is just as real today as it was then. Obviously I can not share this with wife. There is more to this story…
How ever brief they are
I crave moments with you,
thoughts becoming words
Desires in your curves…

He said: Arizona is a warm place

5 September 2014

Good morning you,
I am feeling very sad and melancholic but I know that I am going to feel better as time passes.  I am very sorry if you feel sad but I need your support, I just cannot continue acting the same way I was, constantly looking at my phone.  I went for an extra bike ride on Tuesday afternoon to the spot I usually go and you were in my mind all the time.  I took another picture of Gary’s memorial place and even when I don’t know who Gary was I will go and clean his place some time.
On Wednesday I woke up in the middle of the night thinking of you, thinking of the things I wish I could tell you. I have an enormous desire of seeing you and reading your “Good morning, you” I finally went back to sleep after an hour or so of just turning around in my bed. In the morning, I went on a bike ride and I am still feeling sad, not only sad but devastated.  Not seeing you on Twitter is leaving an empty space that nothing can fill it. I went on a more difficult trail just trying to keep you off my mind. I have decided to exercise more. I want to believe that my decision was correct, that the sacrifice will pay off, and at the end I will have a good story to tell you. The rest of the day is busy but you remain in my mind.
I couldn’t sleep well last night either; I woke up at 2:30am and did nothing but to think on you and on my daughter. We are taking her to the airport today, she is moving for school. If you can imagine a heart broken in two million pieces, that’s me.
I hope you are doing good.
6 September 2014
I know nothing is forever. Our friendship can go South the minute you or I decide. It never crossed my mind to abandone you but I got to the point where I needed to do something with my addiction and decided to switch the method to communicate with you. No matter where I go, there is people staring at their phones and I was one of them, in many cases missing many beautiful moments.

I feel much better today and I owed it to you. I appreciate you described your online-friends relationships with you. You are a woman who irradiates love and deserves to be loved by everyone.
Now is easy for me to concentrate and finish my little projects around.The garage door broke yesterday and I fixed it immediately. I am now re-thinking on my second business I want to start. I feel I am gaining focus on our busy season and its a good thing to do since I need to lease vehicles and hire more personnel due to our growth.
I love your flowers but I love you even more.
Take care,


Just a tango

wakin up to the rain

softly drizzling on the tin roof

my heart is happy

my soul is singing

my feet

tapping a beat
drenched to the bone

I know I’m not alone
your hand around the small of my back

pulling my hips

tight against you
the muscles in your strong legs quiver

feeling my anticipation shiver
kisses soaked in rain

along my throat and my chest
wet hair

clinging to skin
the rhythm of our need

giving wings to our feet
we tango the night away