Without a goodbye 

and just like that

Like a drop of a hat

it is over

how can I trust

the words spoken in love and lust

now echoing empty and hollow

filled with heartache and sorrow







Pool Day

My first swim in 20+ years

I have surprised, myself today!

I put on a swim suit (actually a diving suit) and went for a swim in the olympic size pool at the gym.

First the alarm went of at 3:45, snooze, snooze again. Sleepy eyes struggling into the diving suit. Even with reduced curves it was a struggle. Ok. Gym here we come

As always… 2km treadmill. Then weights. Working up the guts to go swim.

Finally I ventured down stairs…

Acting very cool, as I know just what to do. I swing my bag onto the bench and start losening my shoe laces. As I put my tired bum on the bench, I realized the pool is full of people, this is unseen at this hour of the morning. Keeping my cool I undress. Sucking in my big belly curve.

Cassully walking to the edge, putting on the swimming cap. Trying to judge the depth, I lean over too far and… (You guessed it) fell in. Keeping my cool as part of my plan I burst into a breast stroke.

One length

two lenghts

three lenghts

fourth lenght, let’s go to free style (front crawl)




How do you breath?

Nearly drowning myself reverting back to breaststroke.

I had enough

Now to get out of this pool.
I went to the corner
pulling myself onto my arms
but the lower body weight

was just too much

resorting to one leg other leg

Blowing like an ox
seeing red

on side of the pool

a greying gentleman
sharing the lane next to me,
asked me
If I want to change lanes

I ripped off my cap
Shook my soaking wet hair
saying: no thanks 

Change rooms!
oh my word
this suit is harder
getting off than on


I’m free!!

yes, literraly

I forgot to pack a bra.

So out I bounce
in a white shirt
hair dripping wet
pool cold

at least a lot of people were smiling or laughing to work.

my pool day at the gym