tears in the desert

A lone shot
in the silence
ripping it apart
with violence

500m away
a dusty
figure sway

His spurs gave
a last nerve jangle


a tear
my sun dried eye
I wave
a last goodbye

limbs entangled
on the soft grass
at the stream

gold and cream

In the ringing silence
the barren emptiness

falling to my knees
I cry

dry naked sobs
shuddering raw
through my skeletal body

it’s over.

tears in the desert



We didn’t even make it

past the first

hesitant steps 

of the waltz


by what could be




Pleasure and pain

a little insane

But our demons


We didn’t make it 

To you and me.

I wish 

I wish I can say
You didn’t  hurt me

I wish I can say
It was not real

I wish I can say
I knew you lied

I wish
I wish
I wish

I wish the sea
Wasn’t just an ocean
Ebbs and flow
My loves

I wish
The Stars twinkle
Just for you and me

I wish
I wish
I wish

I knew sooner
I was the entertainment
Not the price.

12 Odd South African Expressions That Drive The World Crazy

“Ek smaak die artikel, baie”

Directly translated: I taste this article

Actual meaning: I liked reading this article

Above And Beyond Travel

South Africa remains a unique culture with diverse origins, and is so intensely cosmopolitan, that during the time we interact with foreigners, they’re left baffled with some of the things we say. Find out which expressions South Africans find normal but are completely ludicrous to the world.


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