in another
life time

You write poetry

I plant rosemary
lavender and roses
where the shore of never
meets forever


Unfinished draft in reply to his monster.

A story about a monster. No other plot. No happily ever after. Just a monster.
That learned to love. And that love hurts.
Just a monster.
I dance 


Finding my steps

Aware of eyes

Following me

I’m trying to 

Forget the past
But eyes 

In shadows

A silent applause

to a perfected pirouette 
A audible sigh

to a stumble
The monster

In my shadows 

Are you
I wish

I could please you
Just twirling

and swirling


You love many

and I 

Love you

Autumn Sundays

The autumn sun shimmers
on the polished wooden floor
and on my back
the coffee steams
becoming one
with the smoke
of the cigarette
smuldering between my fingers

lost in my history

sunday mornings
was the best

sleepy warm
we used to sit
in the morning sun
dressed in our love
of the night before
and fluffy socks
reading the sunday paper on the floor
the smell of freshly made coffee
with just baked scones
cream and strawberry jam melting

I read the paper
over your shoulder
using my best Drew Barrymore lisp

you teased me
when I pronounced the words wrong

you grabbed me
but, Im too fast
I jumped up and run
towards the corridor

you gave chase
we slipped and slided
all over the wooden floor

you pinned me down
the sun
reflecting in your hazel eyes
as I look up
I knew
if you kiss me now
I’ll surrender


Nothing here for me

I really thought there was something there.

But it was just light caught in the shards of your dark heart.
You really don’t want to dance with me in the light

You wanted to make me part of your night

As much
as I desire you and long for your touch

I have to say goodbye
cause you will kill me
with beautiful words
not meant for me.

I’ll be nothing more
than a soundboard
a fuck budy
a slave.

Goodbye dark lord, goodbye.

Inked stains

inked stained
tears on my cheek

even in written flows
perfected curves
you put my flaws
on show

I’m just a dancer
a pleasure prancer

you offered escape
tied in duct tape

I smile
even if it takes awhile

cause the show
must go on
only with last breath
I’ll take my final bow