Bullet with Butterfly wings

each word
in staccato
with soul piercing ammo


in “but, I love you” honey
“I was just being funny”

the bullet
slides into the barrel

this kitten
has gone feral

as your tongue
hastily slither
over lips gone dry
like my sandy eye

“I love you”
I whispered

pulling the trigger
making sure you bled
Boudreaux red
till you dead


an ode, written by @thebogfather

A Hielan QueenShe frolics in the pastures
effervescent, all a gleam
skirt a swirl in the brae
a wonderlust quine
dancing in the valleys
roaming tae the hills
a wil’o’the wisp of nature
seeking fresh thrills
she dances with the fireflies
sings with the dawn chorus
plays to the audience
of life, and all for us
over hillocks of green
thru’ crimson heather
sirenic attraction
reels as light as a feather
which tickles and teases
ne’er muckles, just pleases
amidst fragrant delights
turned to heavenly sight
and amidst the earthly pleasures
pure poeticity in delight
freedom in expression
heartfelt confession
as she sways to the tune
of the silent full moon
passion deep growing
enchantment a-glowing
sini-uosity flowing
all the time, all a knowing
awareness and synchronicity
with natures infiniticity
enrapt, enshrouded
open mind, never clouded
in total escape
from restricted landscapes
just a purity of musicality
nae sign of finality
free to entwine
dance with nature, combined
from blood-filled lips
to swaying, rhythmic hips
and those dancing feet
which greet
every blade of grass or springtime bloom
with energy and light
to raise every valley from gloom
and as this dance waves thru’ many a mile
there still remains
my hielan quine, and her smile…