on tin roof



rainbow red

in the crystal


majestic applause

as our love making soars


When the day is done

and I’m still not over you

It really is 

A memory

Of reality

In never

Cougar dreams

Jan 2014

all of a sudden
out of the blue
it hits her
she is in love
so inappropriate
so out of date
the cougar
and the lamb..

January 2015

His words teased
my taste buds pleased
Licking sugar
from his fingers
Fresh baked smell
of donuts lingers
just a hungry cougar
going to hell



Gliding on wet pavements
The Irish Sea to hear my plea
A slow tango
On the pier
Hips collide
Arching back
Hearts confess
I love you


at night
the breeze
in the Irish sea
rain drops freeze
a kiss
on the shore
a fool
it’s me
you adore


Blackpool remembers
Lover’s kisses tender
Crashing at our feet
The night
warm in your arms


A few months ago
I picked up a shell
In Blackpool
Made it in time
For the show of lights
You wrote me a poem

I will never forget.


Under the crescent moon
I remember
The struggle
To find a dress

A year ago

I surrender
Blackpool lights
A splendour

Freudian Slip up

My baby and I had an adventurous 400km trip today

On the way to work, a plank, about 4mx30cmx5cm, fell off a truck, as I indicated and started to change lanes. If I stayed where I was, it would’ve gone through the windscreen.

On the backroad between Mordor and Moira, I was stopped twice, for opencast blasting. Just as the train of cars and trucks, picked up speed again, a family of guinea fowl, decided to cross the road. Oh my word chaos! Do you know, what damage they cab do to a car? In any case, I saw them and started, taking my foot of the accelerator, the ambulance behind me, didn’t. By the time he noticed, my hazards and the still standing train, it was to late! He slammed on brakes and swerved into the farmer freshly ploughed land. Nobody were injured in this incident

Finally, on the highway, heart racing, the interview of my life in the city, and now seriously delayed. Knowing the cops always trap on the N12, I speed control on 130km, iPad on shuffle and cruise, trying to stay calm.

Then all of a sudden, from the other side of the highway, a flash and a dust cloud, taking about 10 minutes to clear. Traffic on my side, came to a sudden stop. Crawling along, we finally get to the smokey spot. A truck rolled and all the 6 occupants, standing there, in white eyed, disbelief. Eish, ja.

Picking up speed, singing along to “under pressure” stand still again. Another crash in the left hand lane, at least there were cops to regulated the traffic.

Finally cruising into the city, a cloud burst. Torrents of rain like the end of the world, and the traffic slow to a crawl. Rain coming down so fast, the wipers went in a tizz.

Through gillooly’s interchange, we crawl ahead. My phone reminds me interview in 10 minutes, google maps tell me we are 20 minutes away.

Crawling, crawling…

Made it with 3 minutes to spare, to be told, we are running an hour late. Sitting on attention, no phone or newspaper, cause that’s bad manners, according to; expert interview tips. I spotted all the anomalies in their decor design and presentations on the big screen, even a few spelling mistakes and phallic objects

Finally my turn, the interviewer briefed me about the position, it was not the one I applied for, but decided, hell, I’ll do this.

Half way through the interview, the interviewer was kicked out of the boardroom, cause somebody else, booked it. I smiled and nodded in sympathetic alliance, but deep down, I was very disappointed, in this international company, I waited 20 years, to be invited for an interview.

Long road back, I needed the ladies room and was starving. I decided to drive back on the M1, more places to stop next to the highway. But the traffic was backed up so far from the offramp, I decided to take the N12.

Cruising along, when suddenly a stand still. about an hour into the crawling traffic, Sirens!!. Chaos again, 5 lanes, of nearly standing still traffic, trying to make way. High speed chase. 2 white BMW’s with blue lights, chasing a third, pulling him over.

Ok, big sigh, excitement gone. Finally my turnoff, traffic is moving and I can speed up to 120km in the fast lane.

Then traffic cops

Traffic cops

Traffic cops

Traffic cops

Drunken cop, swearing from the yellow line to the fast lane, swerving between cars doing at least 100km

Not too soon the N12 truck stop appears, by now, I’m bursting, nearly run into the ladies! Tell you, that was better than sex.

The rest of the road was uneventful and dinner was waiting at home