Wise words from Dr Frank

That means so much to me Linette.
Many months ago we talked about how much I value consistency in love, temporally and spatially! Today we can speak of how much it means in a deep, immediate, and totally life altering way. 
Love changes everything. Love heals heart ache, love heals a feeling of separateness, love overcomes all weakness and indeed love overcomes all human frailties.
True love is neither selfish nor merely a vehicle for pleasure. Yet true love exceeds all pleasure or needs ascribed by humans.
True love is eternal and ready at the slightest invocation. True love is hinted at by the power of the love for her child, the passion felt between lovers, or the awe inspired by an artists rendition of linguistic or material beauty.
True love is eternal and infinite.
True love exceed all boundaries.
I love you.
I’ll always respect your decisions – even when they might be based at times in temporary and/or fleeting impulses (we are humans).
Never question why another loves, yet we have to decide moment-by-moment how we demonstrate it (either giving or seemingly refusing love’s entreaties). Never worry that true love is wasted on another – nothing eternal, passionate, and beautiful can be destroyed by our errors.