A room full of; One Days

As I drank my tea this morning, I realised, my iPad has become, a storage devise. A storage space for poems, stories, recipes, pictures, exercises and general useless information.

I thought, back to the days, I used to buy, every magazine imaginable. I had my favourites though; Cosmopolitan, De Kat, Rooi Rose, Fair Lady, Vanity Fair, Harpers Bazaar etc. With respect, I will turn each page, smelling the new pages and the ink. I would read it, from back to front,  then front to back, just for in case I’ve missed something.  When everything has been read, I did the crosswords, and just before the next issue was due, I would store the magazine in the spare room. I kept every edition, because maybe, one day, I will bake that cake, make that dress, decorate the lounge, go to Italy or need the information contained in the glorious, glossy pages.

It is sad to say, I never, went back to those glorious pages of heaven, once the magazine was placed in storage. I only looked at it, again, when we were packing, to move. The Mackem and I had a huge fight, about moving the books, which by this time, have filled the spare room, in neat little piles, sorted by name, and date, dating back 15 years, plus. I lost the fight and left a room full of, one days, in my old house.

Now, staring at ever increasing, memory size iPad, I realise I am doing the same thing, I am storing, one days. One day, I will do that. One day…

I guess what I am trying to say, is in reflection, maybe I am storing dreams. Castles, in the sky dreams, but still dreams. What if, I stop dreaming and just do it? What would happen? What will the price be? What will the award be?

I finished my, cup of tea, looked at the clock and realized I am late for work.

Yes, maybe, One Day.





Only You

sitting here

on the wet grass

the air 

autumn cooled


the smoke

of my cigarette



to starry embrace

the ash



in my glass

of red




in the rain spray

I know

it will



only you

Picture: @deviantart

Written by @Mizarkbxpoescriber

When you are far my thoughts play in your mind and when you are near my tong plays on your body instead as I enjoy your body of curves my hands will stay focus and caress it from the top of your neck all the way down to your legs spreading them open as I place my face in the spot where you keep it very shaved. As my strong hands roam your body all through the night and my lips pressing up on yours never felt so right, I could even see you react from the chills running down yourback as my hands reached her ass and palming it was all but a tease until turning her over as I set my face in between her kneels leaving her in pure ecstasy.
~Mark Nielson 


As the clock goes tick tock.

Do you sit there thinking of my every touch. Can I leave you whispering sweet somethings. Leaving you in a flurry of pillow talk. Do you taste sweet like nestle darkness surrounding the desert bliss between your legs.

Where you split and release a magnificent river.

So much can pour out the mind and slid down your legs.

Two sets of clocks go off one screaming, moaning and the other is just wasted time with lines. Which one you desire will lasts from midnight and runs to the break of dawn you decide.


~Mark Nielson 

Poet, writer, scriber desire provider while dreamscaping using thoughts 

My pen flow sends ink waves and leaving your pussy soaked 

Thought source using speech of fury 

My spoken words opens every hole you own 

A stage presence not needed 

Or drinks on the house for all

My vibe is nice energy as it connects our souls 

Equal lives shared in my lines through the vision of us

Eyes on photos, but rather capture live

As photos remain in brain until it’s time to actFacebook and Instgrame friends living through theme’s 

While I am handing out distant lullabies to you good night and sweet dreams.
~ Mark Nielson