Saturday mornings

Waking up

in a strange house

I realize

how I miss

Saturday mornings

in your arms

and slow




What now, Charlie Brown?

The you, I used to know, lingered, a little, after the dream ends.

The dream was sad, actually.

you needed me,

as much as I needed you

my throats still tingles,

with your bearded touch…

My fingers in your beard

you kissing my hand

just touching

One of your previous lovers

and her daughter

in the racing car

my children

in another racing car

but you didn’t want to win

you just

wanted to kiss me

I knew it was you

I also knew

you are no longer

in this sphere

I woke up twice


you brought me

back to the dream

Leaving me

waking up

missing you

so much


can one really

love somebody,

you’ve met once

for a glass of wine

or two

at Hooters?

that was 5 years ago….