Just a memory now….


in slithering red

every curve caressed

in a slow sultry sway

I can’t look away

the she demon

in my head

is also in my bed


one of those nights…

it was one of those nights:

I crawl


into your arms

my head on your chest

my hair stuck in your beard

and tickling your nose

my cold nose


the day on you

my fingers

fumbling with your shirt’s buttons

touching you

swinging my leg

over your lap

your belt

has got to go

feeling you respond

your hands

moving up

under my jersey

cupping squeezing

finally you inside

the TV blaring

something about lava in Hawaii

slow and desperate

we kiss

the kind of kiss

that makes you forget to breath

and desperately wanting more

our hips move

confined by clothes


releasing the day

and the stress

flows away