Day 8 Me Time

The day broke, in sunny display!

Ivy and I had an early breakfast, then we nipped into Vredenburg for picnic goodies.

Of to Tietiesbaai on a gravel road! I think I must share this day in pictures…

Slightly intoxicated we slowly drove back, hoping for a coffee a long the way.

we, stopped at the “seekombuis” for coffee. A young man came running out. We are closed, on Mondays he said. Shame. A cup of instant coffee and and heart warming welcome, would’ve gone a long way.

After, a late afternoon nap, we decided, to go for dinner at the Square Spoon

The service, the food,the atmosphere and the company, were brilliant!

It was a perfect day.

In my 47 years, this was a highlight day of my life.

PS: Heidi, I love you for always being there, from the moment we shared our first tub of “checkers sorbet with JC Le Roux bubbles.. until now. Lifetimes.


Day 7 Me Time

After breakfast, I took a long walk on the beach. The day was beautiful, and I didn’t want to dwell, too much in could have, should have and regrets. I walked and I walked and I walked. My blue sun dress, wet, from my walk, through the shallow water. I’m trying not to think. The sun, warm, on my face, closing my eyes, I slow my pace.

Female voices, caused me to, open my eyes. A loving couple, holding hands, walking two Scottish Terriers, and a Labrador, were walking, towards me. Suddenly, the one Scottish Terrier, started running towards me. For a brief moment, I thought, “oh shit, do I run or do I stay.” The next minute, the dog was in my arms, licking my face. Giggling, the ladies, got Harry, back on his leash, and walking along happily.

Strange, I thought, as I crunched over the shells, dividing the beach in two. I saw I nice sunny, spot, near the dune, and decided, to sit there for awhile. I’m in no rush. I only have to pick up Ivy, in Malmesbury, after 14:00.

I settled, on the wet sand, enjoying the view and the gentle breeze, with a hint of freeze, in goosebumps, over my skin.

Feeling like the only person, in the world, I stared at the see, lost in no thoughts at all. Then, a slightly larger Scottish Terrier, bolted, out of nowhere, onto my lap. A very embarrassed bearded man, tried to coax Adolph, away. Adding to his embarrassment, was his partner’s, jealous ranting, in Afrikaans.

I decided to head back to the hotel, as the sun, started to beat the freeze, in the breeze. I spent, the rest of the morning, reading and snoozing, when I was woken, by I text from Ivy, saying, they have, left, Cape Town! Oh shit, now I had to spark!

Into the Datsun, I jump. Flooring, the little rattle box at 140km, per hour. Sunny drive, I can see the snow glistering on the mountain tops. I have no time for the beauty. Ivy is waiting! Wait, what? The sign said Malmesbury 40km, but google said 70km. I’m not going to make it! Pushing the Datsun, to 150km, missing all the flowers, and beauty around me.

Darn! Road works! Slowly into the roadworks, into Malmesbury. Where is the Wimpy?

Finally found it. Found, Ivy and her sister in law. Needed the ladies, badly. With the rush, over, I ordered take away, coffee. We, loaded, Ivy’s luggage into the Datsun, and off we go, to Paternoster. Roadworks, turn towards Hopefield, the sun shone, on the flowers, all around, us. Something made me look at the dashboard. The petrol light was on. Oh shit! We had to turn back, to a Malmesbury. The drive was, very, very slow, as I have no idea, how far, I can still go.

Filled up, and lots of laughter later, we are back on the road. Hitting Paternoster as the sun sets.

Got Ivy, checked in and decided, it’s time to walk down to Voorstrand, a restaurant on the beach.

After a cool walk, we settled in the restaurant, ordered a bottle of wine, a Savana dry and some snoek samosas, to start with. It was beautiful, the scenery, the samosas and the company.

We , decided on prawns as the main course. Lots of laughter, after, asking the waitress, how hot, the peri-peri sauce, was. Her reply: “loopneuswarm” (running nose, hot) After another bottle of wine and 8 delicious prawns, it was time to walk back. The night was quiet, the sea, was playing with the shore, and the breeze was cold.

Back at the hotel, we saw a biker has moved into the room next to us. We collected all our half drank wine bottles, and finished it, on the stoep, and then in my bed, when it got to cold to stay outside.

Day 6 Me Time

I slept late, into the morning and was woken by music and voices coming from the beach. The first crayfish festival held in Paternoster. They are hoping to make it an annual event.

I quickly got dressed, ordered breakfast on a sandwich and raced to the beach.

As luck wanted it, the day was beautiful. Even this early, the sun was beating down, reddening exposed skin.

The festival, was opened by a preacher, who blessed everybody present or not. The fisher boat race was about to start. About 10 fisher boats were lined up on the beach, a local band performing and the small crowed cheerfully watched the proceedings

And off they went! One fisher boat’s stalled, on a dune, helplessly watching the rest, race away. After about an half hour, they returned to the beach and Mr. Slippers, was crowned, the winner!

I went for a walk on the beach, it was such a glorious day. Wondering, if you were on your way…

it was late, in the day, and I could feel the sun has pinched, my skin pink. You’ve send a message, you were on your way.

I ordered a latte, and sat down on the veranda, with my book. People came and people went. My ears only tuned, for the sound of a motorbike.

Then you were there, in front of me. The years and months fell away, it was really you. Frozen from your trip, we hugged, like lost souls do. Needy, greedy, wanting more, but so unsure. Like school kids, we talked, we walked, on the beach, with the need, in our minds.

Later that day, I spend the rest of the day on the beach, wondering why, we do what we do, and not what we want too.

Day 5 Me Time

Morning skies, promising delight.

Lazily, I stretched, and decided, it is lazy day. I opened the blinds half way, crawled back into the bed, with a long overdue read, of JK Rowling’s: The casual vacancy.

Sipping black coffee, cause, for the life of me, I can’t open these freaking, triangular little boxed milks.

I could hear the hotel staff, starting to arrive, I could smell, the bacon, frying, but I read on, until, I caught a face staring through my blinds! It was the daily cleaner. I asked her to give me a few minutes, got showered, dressed and went for breakfast.

After breakfast, I went for a drive, up towards Tietiesbaai. I found a little, turn to the right, with access straight onto the beach. I parked the Datsun, and just stared at the view. Sandblasted by the wind, I walked amongst the rocks. I was the only one here. To the left you could see Paternoster and to the right the lighthouse in Tietiesbaai. There were flowers everywhere, crawling over the dunes, into the sea. I came to the conclusion, that at 47 years, I never ever going to be a size 8 again, nor am I planning to run a marathon, so I might as well enjoy my excessive curves and be happy. I wandered through the flowers on the dunes, until the clouds decided to hide the sun. I decided that I need to get some snacks, wine and water, as I’m not planning to eat at the hotel that evening.

Got back to the hotel, the wind was blowing up a storm and it was very cold. I crawled into bed, with biltong, coffee and the book.

I woke up, starving! It was 3pm. The sun, winking through the clouds. I went for a walk on the beach. I saw the fish and chips shop was still open on the beach, and decided, lunch/dinner was sorted.

The wind, did its best, to find open skin, to freeze, while I was sitting there, on the rocks, eating fish and “slap” chips, from a newspaper wrapping, covered in salt and vinegar. It was delicious. I was licking the grease and salt from my finger, when I realized, somebody was, staring at me. I looked up, into a beautiful bearded face and smiling blue eyes. Embarrassed, I smiled. The beard, said: “Is that as good as you make it look?” I liked another salt flake from my finger, and smiled: “yes, it is”

The Beard, was joined, by an elderly couple, a very young couple with a baby and an Angelchild, in his 20’s, I guess. They all talked and laughed together. I was a little jealous, and suddenly felt very lonely. I wrapped up, the leftover chips, and started walking back to the hotel. Walking passed the Beard, I noticed, he wanted to say something to me, but had, decided against it.

On the way, up the dune, I gave the leftover, chips, to one of the children, playing, in the quiet street. It was getting dark, fast.

I had a hot shower, opened a bottle of wine, crawled back into my unmade bed, wondering if you, will really pitch, tomorrow.

Gisters – as dit reën

Dit reën, weer vandag. Sag, soos ‘n moeder se liefdevolle lag. Ek verlang na dinge wat was en dinge wat nooit kon gewees het nie. My hart klop swaar en benoud, in my borskas. Knip-knip probeer my oë, die trane keer. Maar dis te vergeefs. Dit trane plop, vet druppels op die vensterbank, in kompetisie, met die reën, daar buite.

Ek onthou.

Ek onthou, ons jong, dom vinngers, besitlik, in mekaar gevleg en avontuurlustige tonge, geknoop, in mekaar, se monde. Die reën op die sinkdak, wat koggellag, in die huise, wat ons geleen het, vir DIE dag.

Die vertrekkie was maar kaal en mistroostig, met net ‘n matras en ‘n krapperige kombers, vir die nag.

Ek het op jou maag gesit, jou jonkwees teen my boud, gevoel en ek het vir jou gesing: “The right love at the wrong time..” Jou bruin oë was onpeilbaar, maar jou  vingers het, met die knope, op my bloes gewoel. Jy het my nader getrek, en gesoen, jou vingers strelend, oor my kantbedekte, bors. Opwinding, het borrels, deur my lyf gedryf en nat in my broekie, kom lê….

Skielik, het jy my weggestoot en gesê: “Nee, dit hoort nie so nie”. Jy het op jou motorfiets geklim, en gery. Jy het my, net daar, gelos. Deurmekaar. verlore. en verward het ek my kleure reggetrek, en gewag. Jy het uiteindelik teruggekom, net gesê: ” Kom, ek neem jou, huis toe”

As dit reën, dan wonder ek soms, oor die dag.

Day 4 Me Time

All about this day, was wrong. The rain didn’t stop and it was freezing. After breakfast, I decided to go to Citrusdal. Supposedly the flowers are beautiful there.

Breakfast, was a cup of coffee, and French toast.

As I left Paternoster, the sun, decided to show up and I thought, this is going to be a good day. I followed the tar road to Veldrift.

Google, directed me, to turn right in Veldrift, towards Piketberg. Then, it happened! A sea of pink, blurred my view and I stopped dead, on the R399. Nearly causing an accident. Luckily, the people here are late back, and it is out off season. Flamingos, everywhere! Now, if you know me at all, you will know, I love flamingos. The beautiful, graceful, ballerinas of the sky.

I pulled over next to the road, and stared. This is definitely going to be a good day.

The rest of the journey to Piketberg, was covered with fields of flowers, everywhere, you look. What a picturesque town! Nestled at the foot of the Piketberg! I

I needed coffee, but couldn’t find anywhere that looked ok, to stop. Decided, water will have to do and carried on with my journey. More flowers covered the green fields and the traffic picked up. I realized, I’m on the main road to Namibia. The N7. The very scenic route took, me through the Piekenierskloofpass. And there! Just there, in the hand of the Cederberg, lays, the small town of Citrusdal. Wow. It was beautiful.

Driving into the town, was a different story, again the lack of direction, and google map confusion, I ended up in some dubious places. It felt, like the locals, were staring, at this little old lady, in her Datsun, with GP-plates. I felt unwelcome, and a little wary.

After another wrongly directed google map, mishap, to somewhere worth seeing, I remembered there was a hotel, as I came into the the little town. Maybe I can get some coffee and a ladies room there. It is lunchtime, after all.

But by fate or luck, I missed the turnoff, and ended up, back on the N7, heading to Piketberg.

My eye caught a sign; Hebron. The biblical connection, made me, turn right. Again, I had no idea, where to park, and pulled in, in front of the sign that says: Wine Sales. I can hear a woman, asking, very loudly: “how are you?”. I replied: “I’m good thank you, how about some coffee?”just to realize, she was talking on the phone.

Toilets. The best sign, I seen all day. In a rugged, old fashioned, bathroom, I found relief. I looked at my surrounds. Artistic, rustic and charming, but in a way weird. I followed the woman’s voice, back to the wine sales. After, what felt like ages, she finally put the phone down, and looked at me. I asked, if I please can have a coffee.

She shouted at one of the ladies to organize, a take away coffee, and instructed me to follow her, whilst shouting at another lady. The conversation, went something like this:

“Lady: wax? wtf is that wax called?

Servent: Abdul’s wax, missus.

Lady: I knew it was something, wax!

Me: sounds kinky, to me

Lady: as long as I’m not, the one tied down.”

By this time, we reached a kitchen, and the smell, of boerewors, tomato and onion frying, was filling the air. It smelled like heaven. The place was oddly designed, nothing matched, put everything looked in place. A British couple sat at another table, complementing, the lady on her wine selection, for them. It has started to rain, and through the open back door, I could see the the colorfully dressed, farm workers gathering, around kongafires, warming themselves. This place was weird. It made me think of a place in somewhere between, nowhere, like in “courage the cowardly dog” adventures. Eventually the coffee, came, and payment was refused. I took leave of the strange charming place and headed back to Piketberg. On my way out, to the N7, I came across, a one legged man, hopping up the cobbled stone path. I suddenly felt glad to be leaving here.

In Piketsberg, I parked, in the Piketberg petroport, park. I finished, last night’s leftover chicken, and the last of the coffee, sitting in the car, while people stare at me, through the pouring rain.

I drove back via Hopefield. The Datsun’s wipers couldn’t keep up with the rain. Hopefield is beautiful, but the rain didn’t let up, so I pushed on towards Paternoster, through another field, of wind turbines and flowers.

I missed the turnoff, and driving via, Langebaan back to Paternoster. The sun decided to appear.

Back in my room, I decided to finish the rest of the bottle of wine, in the fridge, I passed out, tired and cold.

I woke up at 6pm, and decided a walk on the beach will do me good. It was very very cold. It was breathtakingly, beautiful, I’m not sure if I walked in a straight line, but I didn’t care.

Frozen and covered in beach, I went for dinner. I decided on homemade fish cakes, made with snork, and Melkkos, for pudding. I ate my fish cakes (which was delicious, so by the way) and took the rest of my bottle of wine and my pudding, and disappeared, to my room. Wrapped up, in every blanket, I could find, the heater on full blast, I watched, some movie, eating my Melkkos, sipping wine, slowly. Oh the memories, coming back! My mom used, make Melkkos, on cold winter Sunday evenings. The smell of cinnamon, filling the heated air. I was in heaven.